Computational Modeling of Biological Systems (SysMod)

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The Computational Modeling of Biological Systems (SysMod) Community Of Special Interest aims at bridging the gap between bioinformatics and systems biology modeling. With advances in genomics these fields have recently started to converge. For example, systems modeling has become more reliant on bioinformatic network inference to build models and has begun to use transcriptomics and proteomics data to train models. More communication between systems modelers and bioinformaticians is needed to further integrate these fields. In particular, more communication between systems modellers and bioinformaticians is needed to build models of whole cells, organs and organisms. Furthermore, the promises of precision medicine lie, in part, on the interplay between bioinformatics-based analysis of patient data and model-based predictions of treatments.

SysMod is a Community of Special Interests (COSI) within the International Society for Computational Biology.


The main activity of the SysMod COSI is an annual SIG meeting.

2016 SIG meeting — July 9 @ ISMB

The goal of the first SysMod meeting is to foster the integration of systems modeling and bioinformatics by creating a forum for systems modelers and bioinformaticians to discuss common research questions and methods. The meeting will focus on the mathematical modeling of biological systems, and its interactions with bioinformatics. The meeting will cover the full range of methods used in systems modeling, including qualitative and quantitative and dynamical and steady modeling, as well as cover the full range of applications of systems modeling including basic science, bioengineering, and medicine. The first SysMod meeting will focus on areas of systems modeling which are, or could be, deeply integrated with bioinformatics, including logical, rule-based, and constraint-based modeling.

The first meeting will take place July 9, 2016 at the ISMB Conference in Orlando, Florida. The meeting will feature four keynote talks, seven contributed talks, a community discussion, and a poster session. Please see the meeting page for more information.

Joint SysMod/NetBio COSI session at ISMB 2016

SysMod jointly organises with the NetBio COSI a special COSI session on July 10th. The session will comprises presentations of the COSI, 4 talks by renowned speakers and discussions to build synergies.


Please see the SysMod Google calendar or download the .ics file.

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